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Our standard 1 hour programs are great for the holidays and extension programs are available upon request.

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Magic of Science

Science is understanding our world's real magic.  Science is all around you no matter where you are or how closely you are looking;  Whether it's finding invisible rainbows or discovering exciting changes with chemical reactions.



Human Body Series

Breathing, Blood & Boogers

Let's explore our awesomely gross bodies!

Listen to your lungs with stethoscopes, create a zoomed in version of our blood & how can we have a human body program without Boogers!!

Image by Rae Tian


Muggle Magic 

Attention All Muggles!

Be enthralled & have fun doing Muggle Magic.  

Inspired by J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series.


Huff N Puff

Explore the amazing properties of air.  Huff N Puff your way through our interactive experiments.

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Just Add Slime

Its oozy, it's stretchy, it's wonderfully gross & that's why we love it! Come and sink your hands in.

Children will take home the slimes they make.


Human Body Series

Germs! Germs! Germs!

Cough, Sneeze, Sniff!

Winter is coming!!

Lead your kids on a journey of discovery with a colony of fun, interactive, germy activities.

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Jungle Rumbles

A fast paced game discovering some of our amazing jungle animals and their tracks! Make jungle rumble music with instruments and the children's favourite animal sounds.

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Mini Terrariums

Where does water come from? 

How do clouds create rain?

What is the water cycle?
These questions and more as we discuss the water in our world. The children will make their own mini terrarium to take home.

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Sunbeams & Me

This incursion delivers a SunSmart message and explores why we need to Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek & Slide (and Sip) everyday. The activities are designed to make students aware of how the sun can pass through different materials, the importance of sunscreen and why we need to drink water throughout the day.

Australian Snake


Wild Things Australia

Facts Not Fear!

Let's learn how to be safe and respect our iconic wildlife.

Australia is home to some of the Earth's most diverse creatures and some of these wild things can have a nasty bite!
Your mini researches will create a creepy creature to take home and learn some basic first aid skills.



Small Fry Builders

Fun engineering challenges that explore children's creativity in an interactive workshop.  The children will be designing & constructing simple structures that will meet certain challenges!

Image by ce amtic


Magic Of Science 

Optical Illusions

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