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School Holidays

Our standard 1 hour programs are great for the holidays and extension programs are available upon request.

Magic of Science.png

The Magic of Science is waiting to be revealed. Experiment with chemical reactions, pH and heat. Watch the creation of rainbows and trick your own eyes. Come and explore, discover, and experiment with the Magic of Science


 Human Body Series
Breathing, Blood & Boogers

Breathing Blood and Boogers. Our bodies are fascinating and gross! Let’s begin by breathing in. Stomp your feet to the beat of your drum and get your blood flowing. Make blood huge enough to view and a pot of snot to take home too.

Image by Rae Tian

Attention All Muggles!

Decorate the castle, put on your robes and we supply the magic.

Excellent commentary on snitches for Quidditch and who could forget slime sparkled with unicorns.

Toss in a charm or two and you have some Muggle Magic

Inspired by J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series.


 Mini Terrariums

Green thumbs of all abilities!

Lettuce (pun intended) show you the water cycle.

Home gardening is a valuable skill for sustainable lifestyles and food security.

take home their mini terrarium. 

Einsteins Australia inspires water wise usage in the garden and will help you create a Mini Terrarium to take home. 


Just add slime it’s time to play. It’s stretchy, sticky and a little bit icky. Lots of fun, we’ve just begun with sprinkles and glitter galore. You’re in time to make some slime but don’t leave it here it’ll disappear, I suggest you take it home

Dirty Secrets.jpg

 Human Body Series
Germs! Germs! Germs!

Germs Germs Germs. Stave of winter loogies no one wants yellow boogies. Rub a dub dub, scrub your hands in the tub. Cough, sneeze, sniff, germs in a dish.  Stop them in their tracks with our immune system facts. No germs will get past that!

Jungle Rumbles 2.jpg

A fast paced game discovering some of our amazing jungle animals and their tracks! Make jungle rumble music with instruments and the children's favourite animal sounds.


 Rocket Mania

Available in April and October holidays only Blast off! with Rocket Mania.

 Jump and release the fun

Fly your paper space shuttle 

30 feet high the rocket will fly

Sunbeams and Me XLarge 8.jpg

Summer is coming!

Australia is moving closer to the sun. Time for swimming, surfing and sweating!

UV light helps our skin produce vitamin D but it can also cause sunburn.

Let's make a UV reactive bracelet, discover rainbows of refracted light and play safe with sunbeams.

Australian Snake

Australia is home to many Wild Things let’s promote Facts Not Fear! Do you know what to do if a creepy crawly goes bump in the night? Learn some bites and stings first aid including PIT bandaging. Mini researchers make a creepy crawly to take home.


Small Fry Builders can we build it? YES WE CAN.

Engineering challenges, artistic talent and a lot of mess goes into this interactive workshop.

STEAM into the future.

We aim to inspire and encourage, we also clean up 

Image by ce amtic

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