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We started in 2010 as a science hobby business in Perth giving children an alternative 

birthday party option. We've grown so much since then.



Due to medical reasons I had to give up a full time position as a trainer in:

  • emergency rescue; mine site inductions; and occupational health and safety.

Because of my health I found myself isolated in my home and often not able to leave

my bed for days at a time.

My Story

Fiona Stocks

Owner Director

What could I do? What skills did I have?

I had previously run a family day care centre for 8 years. I was serving in our church's children's program. I held

an applied science degree and I could talk on the phone 'til the cows come home'. And I couldn't leave the

house ... hmmm ... not promising.

I saw an advert for a children's science business for sale. I had a promise of support from my family and from my amazing friend Lisa. My husband and I bought the business and became a Licencee to Einstein's Top Secret Science. The entire business fitted into the back of our car; a few boxes, a trestle table and a file with experiments in it.

The plan was that I would take the bookings and Lisa would run the parties. We started with just the few options on the website but as customers began to call and put in requests we did our best to fulfill them. We wanted to provide parties that built positive memories and made the birthday child feel special without excluding anyone.

We grew and grew and continued to write fresh new programs. We listened to you, our customers, and we learned and improved every day. More staff came on board and I started to recover my health. My children became our first junior staff members on school holidays and then Lisa's children also joined us. We now had a junior staff employment program! My daughter Nicole, our first junior staff member, is now a qualified Naturopath and TAFE lecturer.  Danni, our younger daughter, qualified as a nurse but came back to work with Einsteins and now is one of our senior presenters. Most of the kids know her as "Didi"!

We have seen staff start as juniors and work their way through uni' to become doctors, nurses, marine biologists, science teachers,  laboratory specialists and more. It is exciting, and yet sad, when each staff member qualifies in their field and leaves us to pursue their career. We hope to keep growing and being a funnel for young people to have a great opportunity to work and have fun whilst they study for their dream job. 

In 2012 we employed a science teacher and began creating curriculum linked school programs. We've continued to add programs as teachers have requested incursions. In 2018 we added an office administrator to help me with the day to day running of the business which has enabled continued growth and improved systems and quality control.

An Amazing Opportunity


In February 2020 we decided to discontinue our licencee agreement with Einsteins Top Secret Science and continue our science business independently.

We really wanted to be "masters of our own destiny". Many of our customers told us they loved the programs we had provided for them and they wanted to be able to see more of our programs on the website. They wanted to check them out when and where it suited them. I really like talking to people on the phone and will still do so. Customers who prefer the online approach will now be able to send an enquiry or make a booking online.

The future is bright! Our aim is to work with other people who love science, love kids and want an amazing business opportunity. We aim to be a national business which is another reason we became Einsteins Australia.

Into the Future



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