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Germs, Germs, Germs!

Stave of winter loogies no one wants yellow boogies. Rub a dub dub, scrub your hands in the tub.

Cough, sneeze, sniff, germs in a dish.  

The Run Sheet

Our presenters arrive early for the set up of equipment.

Presenters will conduct one hour of activities and then clean up afterward. 

Extended sessions are available. 

Dirty Secrets.jpg
Funny school children doing experiments in the laboratory. Explosion in the laboratory. Sc

Additional Information

We require access to water and the use of your tables. 

Curriculum Links

Pre-primary: Science Understanding Biological Sciences: ACSS0002

Year 1: Science Understanding: Biological Sciences: ACSSU211

Year 2: Science Understanding: Biological Sciences ACSSU030

Year 3: Science Understanding: Biological Sciences ACSSU044

Year 4: Science Understanding: Biological Sciences ACSSU073

Year 5: Science Understanding: Biological Sciences ACSSU043

Year 6: Science Understanding: Biological Sciences ACSSU094


Maximum group numbers apply. 

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