Kindy & 3+Programs 

Early Learning Framework

Play based learning 

Colour My World

Children learn about colour mixing and light refraction. They get to sing and sign the colours of the rainbow using Auslan.  This incursion also includes a sun safe message.

Activities will be adjusted to suit age.

Can be done for toddler rooms (2 years+).

Aussie Marsupial Monotreme Life Cycles

Your little possums will go on a journey of discovery learning about some of Australia's weird but cute critters!  
Through accidental learning children will gain knowledge about the life cycles, features and characteristics of the animal groups.


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Fun with Forces

Push! Pull! Slide! Bounce! 


Through play and discovery your students will learn how things move and the fun forces behind them.

All About Worms

Let's talk about worms.

  • Where do they live?

  • What do they look like?

  • How do they help us?

Your students will learn about the earth worms life cycle, hold a live worm and make science worms to play with!

Sensory Science

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The Human Body 

Germs! Germ! Germs!

Cough, sneeze, sniff. The Battle of the germs begins.

How do germs spread? Are all germs bad? how do I keep the germs away?

Let's find out with a colony of fun, interactive, germy activities.

Mum's, Dad's or GrandParent's Day

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