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Germs Germs Germs

Going on a germ hunt. I'm not scared! 
Got a torch in my hand and a friend by my side.

Uh oh, they're on my hand! 

Splish, Splosh, Splash - Gone in a flash

Perfect to teach little ones the importance of hand washing.

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The Run Sheet

Our presenters arrive early for set up of equipment.

Toddler Room:

30 minute session - for safety some activities may be excluded from this age group. 


3+ Room and Kindy: Presenters will conduct one hour of activities and clean up afterward. 

Extended sessions are available. 

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Unknown-1 copy.jpeg
Hand print on Carpet.jpg

Additional Information

We require access to water and the use of your tables. 

Childcare: Maximum room numbers apply

Early Years Learning Framework:

Outcome 3: Children take increasing responsibility for their own health and physical wellbeing

Outcome 4: Children developed a range of skills and processes such as problem solving, inquiry, experimentation, hypothesising, researching, and investigating.

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