Sunbeams and Me

Your Sunbeams and Me are out exploring, Oh Know! UV rays are coming. What’s UV they say? Let me tell you all about it. The facts behind the slip slop slap seek slide message and talk sun protection. Your little Sunbeams and Me won’t be burnt today

The Run Sheet

We recommend this program at the beginning of summer. 

Our presenters arrive early for set up of equipment. Presenters will conduct one hour of activities and then clean up afterwards. 

Extended sessions are available. 

Sunbeams and Me XLarge 8.jpg
Funny school children doing experiments in the laboratory. Explosion in the laboratory. Sc

Additional Information

We require access to water and the use of your tables. Access to outside or indoor space with ample sunlight is required for some of the session. 

For small centers (up to 20 children) we suggest 1 presenter. For larger centers (25+ children) we suggest 2 or more presenters depending on numbers. Additional presenters must be allocated at time of booking.

Cancellation/Postponement policies apply.